Snowy Mt Laguna Engagement | Hannah + Johnny

This snowy Mt Laguna engagement session was like walking into a Southern California winter wonderland!

Just days before this session, the weather was in the high eighties at the bottom of the mountain. An unexpected storm brought along freezing temps and lots of rain, but Hannah and Johnny fully embraced it!

I checked in with them multiple times before the session because of the uncertainty of the weather, but they didn’t mind at all and dove straight in as if it was nothing. I was so grateful because I think the photos turned out so magical! It is not often that we get to see snow in sunny San Diego so I was beyond excited to play in a new environment with these love birds.

We were lucky enough to have no falling snow for the first half of the session, but then it started raining out of nowhere. Thankfully, I was over-prepared (as always) and brought my clear umbrellas to use so we can snap as many as possible before we got soaked and retreated back to our cars! I also had my pockets stuffed with hand warmers so I could defrost my fingers every few minutes and I am so glad I did. Those little things are life savers in scenarios like this!

Hannah and Johnny were an absolute blast to shoot with and I loved their adventurousness so much. I am so excited to be photographing their wedding later this year and I cannot wait to see them again!

If you’re interested in a snowy Mt Laguna engagement session, I would love to work with you and set up a session during the peak of winter!

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