Lake Cuyamaca Engagement Shoot | Dazmyn + Brandon

This Lake Cuyamaca engagement shoot is complete with sun soaked trails, summer time greenery goodness and mostly importantly, two adorable humans in love! 

Dazmyn reached out to me just a few weeks before this session for some fun engagement photos. I happened to have a random open date due to a last minute reschedule so I was able to fit them in really quickly! This hardly ever happens as I am usually booked up months and months in advance, so all of this seemed serendipitous because these are some of my favorite photos I have ever taken!

Dazmyn and Brandon wore the best outfits for this location and they were SO natural in front of the camera together! It is so funny because they actually showed up and told me how “unphotogenic” and “awkward” they are…. I literally have no clue where they ever got that from because they are practically models! 

Lake Cuyamaca is one of my top places to shoot because it is such a diverse location. We have trees, fields AND water, all in the same place. That is not easy to find in San Diego! Plus, this area of the mountains actually gets seasons (unlike the rest of SoCal) so it always looks different depending on the time of year. 

This session took place in the beginning of June, which is clearly the prime time of year because the colors here were out of this world. The tall green grass was not yet golden and the trees were not shedding their leaves. It was warm enough to comfortably shoot into blue hour, which is always so stunning over by the lake!

If you’re interested in a  Lake Cuyamaca engagement shoot, please reach out through my contact form and I can show you all my favorite spots out there!