Old Town Engagement Session | Jessie + Mark

This Old Town engagement session was filled with lots of laughs, tons of color and even more love!

This location is one of my favorite places to shoot because there are so many cute little corners everywhere you look. It is so diverse which allows for a really robust gallery! All of the Spanish style buildings, gorgeous plant life and hidden gardens provide so many perfect backgrounds.

Whenever I go to Old Town for a session, I just walk and shoot. I explore this place with the couple and it is even better if it is their first time there like it was for Jessie and Mark! I loved showing them this unique place that San Diego is so well known for. Whenever we saw something we liked, or I felt inspired by something (which was a lot) we stopped and snapped a few photos and then kept going!

Since this is a popular attraction in San Diego, it can get pretty busy- especially on the weekends. We were very lucky when we went because there was not too many people so we had almost no crowds to work around. Nearly every place we stopped at was empty which made me so stoked!

Jessie and Mark immediately told me how “awkward” they are but the second we started taking photos I was blown away! They were so natural and comfortable together and they really knew how to make each other laugh. It always cracks me up how so many people tell me that they are “awkward” and then the minute we start shooting they are literally perfect!

I am so excited to capture these cutie’s wedding this winter!

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