Sunset Cliffs Couples Session | Lexy + Raul

This Sunset Cliffs couples session is in one of my favorite places, with two of my favorite people!

Lexy and Raul got married last year at one of my favorite venues and I was lucky enough to photograph it. I also did their engagement session about a year before than, and now this beautiful couples session as well! It is always a joy working with these two sweet souls and they are always so perfect together in front of my lens! I am so grateful for returning clients like them who have supported me through my photography journey over the years.

When we were trying to pick a location for this session, Lexy told me they were down to go wherever and asked if there was anywhere I had been wanting to shoot lately. Immediately, Sunset Cliffs popped into my mind! I had not shot there in quite some time but my husband and I explore there often. We love to bring dinner or dessert down to the cliffs, sit on a blanket and watch the sunset.

I had recently found a hidden little corner of cliffs that has far less traffic than the rest of Ocean Beach so I knew I wanted to take these two there! We practically had the entire place to ourselves and we were able to enjoy the most gorgeous sunset.

I can’t wait to see these two again for more photos in the future!

If you’re interested in a Sunset Cliffs couples session, please fill out my contact form and we can get to planning!