Felicita Park Engagement Session | Zoe + Tyler

If this Felicita Park engagement session doesn’t scream spring time in San Diego then I don’t know what does!

This was my first time exploring this hidden gem of a park and the only reason I discovered it was because this lovely couple lives close by and recommended it! As soon as I got there I was immediately in love with the trees and beautiful trails all over the place. It’s also huge and has so many incredible corners for photos to choose from! The little wildflowers sprouting between the giant rocks gave the perfect pop of color against the green foliage.

I had so much fun discovering a new location with Zoe and Tyler that I kept stopping every five feet to take more photos. I was amazed by every turn on the trail! The light set so soft and perfectly that day and I just couldn’t get enough.

Living in San Diego, you don’t get to see much greenery too often. We have a very short window every year where the plant life is vibrant and this was definitely a part of that time! Because of this, I of course took full advantage and had to ask them to roll around in the grass. I think it was worth it.

Zoe and Tyler are one of the kindest couples I have ever worked with and I loved watching their chemistry during this session. You can clearly tell how much these two love each other and I am so excited to photograph their wedding! One of my favorite things of this job is that wonderful people it brings into my life!

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