Smith Rock Couples Session | Christian + Nicole

This Smith Rock couples session was my second photoshoot I had planned during my time in Oregon and it was absolutely magical!

If you missed my previous blog post, I wrote about my birthday trip to drive around Oregon with my husband over the summer. HERE is a link to my other session out there if you would like to take a look!

I am always mind blown by states like Oregon and California who have such a diverse range of locations. From beaches, to forests, to deserts… We have it all!

Smith Rock State Park is one of those insane locations that remind you how small you are and how big this world is. Ironically enough, it also makes you feel like you have left Earth and landed on Mars! You drive for what feels like forever out in the middle of nowhere, turn down a small road and then BAM- giant, towering rocks.

This is also a very popular climbing and bouldering destination for obvious reasons.

I was lucky enough to shoot at this bucket-list location of mine on my birthday and it was definitely a fun way to ring in a new age! Major shout out to Christian and Nicole for braving the heat during this session and helping make this dream of mine come true.

I would love to set up another Smith Rock couples session in the future but I also have tons of other incredible locations on my Pacific Northwest photo bucket-list. If you’re interested in setting something up with me, please full out my contact form and let’s get to planning!

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