Presidio Park Engagement Session | Kayla + Danny

This gorgeous Presidio Park engagement session with Kayla and Danny was so much fun! Presidio Park is so diverse, which allows so many different backdrops for photos. Between the tall eucalyptus trees, the Spanish architecture, and the grassy fields, you really can’t go wrong. Kayla also wore the most stunning red dress that complimented the setting perfectly!

Not only is this location especially important to Kayla and Danny on a personal level, but I was really excited to shoot here because it is so different from the places I regularly work in. I always love going to new places for sessions because I feel like it sparks my inspiration all over again. Although I love shooting in remote nature filled locations, it is definitely nice to switch things up every once in a while.

It was so fun to explore this incredible 40 acre park that has so much history attached to it. I drive past it on the adjacent freeway all the time and you can see the top of the white tower sticking out from the hills. It’s beautiful and it is crazy to know it was established in the 1700’s and has been here for so long!

Kayla and Danny are such a sweet couple and you can clearly tell how much chemistry they have! I love how much taller Danny is than Kayla because my husband and I have a very similar height difference and I thought it was so cute!

If you’re interested in a Presidio Park Engagement session, don’t hesitate to reach out! I would love to come back here for another shoot!