Yosemite National Park Wedding | Denisse + Efren

Bride and groom laughing at their Yosemite National Park wedding.

This insanely beautiful Yosemite National Park wedding was filled to the brim with love, intention, support and pure joy from everyone involved. Between the awe inspiring nature and the tender endearment between Denisse and Efren, there truly was not a dry eye in the house during their ceremony.

Finding the words to describe this day was not an easy task and narrowing down the photos for this blog post was nearly impossible because I had so many favorites and noteworthy moments that I didn’t want to leave out.

Denisse and Efren’s favorite place in the world is Yosemite, so when they were forced to change their wedding plans and downsize, they figured this was the most perfect place to commit their hearts to each other for the rest of their lives and I feel so beyond lucky that I got to be a part of this incredible day with them.

Their day started at a gorgeous Airbnb in the nearby town of Coarsegold, where they got ready separately and prepared for the day with their friends and family. Two emotion filled first look’s happened before departing to the park and let me tell you, I was tearing up behind my lens for both.

First, Denisse shared a touching first look with her father and then another with her soon-to-be-husband, Efren. They were both the most precious moments I have ever witnessed. Denisse’s father escorted her down the grand staircase for her big reveal to the rest of the family and even more tears started flowing! The love in this family is so strong!

Then we all jumped in our cars and began the drive into the park, straight to Yosemite Falls for the most beautiful ceremony EVER. I mean, how can you beat a gushing waterfall and towering trees as your ceremony witnesses?!

After the most heartfelt ceremony, we explored the breathing taking (and seriously underrated) Yosemite Valley and took in the incredible views. It was such a sight to see Half Dome covered in snow, too!

This Yosemite National Park wedding was an experience that I will never forget. To Denisse and Efren, thank you for letting me be a part of the special day and capture these amazing moments for you!

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