Valley Center Avocado Farm Wedding | Sal + Greg

This intimate Valley Center avocado farm wedding was my first ever COVID-era wedding and it couldn’t have been more perfect! Although it wasn’t the original big wedding that Sal and Greg had planned, it was filled with tons of love and even more happy tears.

Getting married on July 18th was particularly important to them since it was their 10 year anniversary AND pride weekend. The shutdown certainly tried to throw a wrench in their plans, but they decided to downsize their guests list to only their closest friends and family and moved their location to this gorgeous, family owned avocado farm. They also provided masks and hand sanitizer as an extra precaution.

Since many of their original guests couldn’t be present, they set up a live stream of their ceremony so they were able to watch from afar. At the end of their ceremony, they turned to the live stream, said hello to their loved ones watching, and celebrated with a champagne toast! It was truly the best of both worlds and I can’t think of a better way to include more guests!

There were so many beautiful, small details at this wedding, like Sal and Greg’s matching avocado socks! Their succulent theme was a hit and even had the cutest little stamps with their initials on the pots. The succulents were the best favors for guests to take home and they even gave my husband and I a few!

After the ceremony, I whisked these two off into the sunset for a stroll down Guacamole Road (get it- because of smashed avocados falling off the trees? lol) and some romantic photos! This Valley Center avocado farm wedding was a huge success and truly makes me love intimate weddings even more than I already did! Love is not cancelled, my friends!

Take a look at Sal and Greg’s engagement session HERE.