The Ultimate Wedding Planning Checklist

Congratulations, you’re engaged! Now what?! A robust wedding planning checklist is essential to staying organized and knowing exactly when each tasks must be completed.

If you’re newly engaged, you likely don’t know where to start when it comes to bringing your wedding day vision to fruition and that’s totally normal! That’s why I have used my knowledge and years of experience in the wedding industry to create this incredible to-do list for you and your partner!

Planning a wedding is no easy feat and has so many moving parts. The guide will help you stay on track and ensure you don’t forget any important tasks while planning one of the most magical days of your life!

This detailed document is based on a 12 month timeline but can easily be redistributed to fit your own needs.

Beginning at 12 months from your wedding day, I include exactly which items to focus on during each month. Once you reach 1 month before you wedding day, I move in to what to do 2 weeks prior, then 1 week prior, 1 day prior, the day of, and afterwards. There is also a bonus note page at the end so be sure to utilize that!

When you reach the end of this wedding planning checklist, you will feel so accomplished and ready to take on this new chapter in your life.

Happy Planning!

PRO TIP: Use the notes page to list your outstanding payments and their due dates. Set reminders on your calendar for when invoices are due and you will never have to stress about missing a payment to one of your hardworking vendors! This will also assist in making sure you stay within your budget.

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