Sunrise Highway Couples Session | Kayla + Isaac

This Sunrise Highway couples session was a fairytale setting, brought to life. Complete with a stunning dried flower crown, and a matching flower collar for their dog, Abby. The tall trees and golden grass are truly a sight for sore eyes, and the desert overlook where we ended the session was a windy adventure!

Kayla is actually my older sister (can you see the resemblance?) and she has been requesting photos with her pup for well over a year now. Abby is the sweetest, most gentle little old lady dog there is and she is my sister’s absolute world. As you can see in the photos, Abby is getting old. Her red hair is slowly fading to white, she’s missing her two front bottom teeth, and her bad hips make her sit a little crooked, but she is still the happiest, most loving pupper who makes me hold her paw when I sit next to her. I knew it was time for these photos. I wanted to give these photos to Kayla as a gift to look back on as Abby gets older, and to have as a keepsake forever.

Isaac is my sister’s wonderful boyfriend who loves Abba-Zabba (my weird dog nickname for her) so I was so excited when he wanted to be a part of the shoot. I, of course, had to also snap of few of just Kayla and Isaac as well because I needed to get the most out of that stunning flower crown!

The crown and collar were hand made by the incredible florist Blooms By Brooklyn. Make sure you check her out for all your floral needs!

If you’re interested in a Sunrise Highway couples session, fill out my contact form! There are so many beautiful locations and look out points in this area that I would love to take you to!