Lake Cuyamaca Session | Kerry + Ariana

This Lake Cuyamaca session brings all the romantic Southern California summer vibes. The grass was tall and the prettiest yellow flowers were in full bloom surrounding the lake. We actually had no idea that the flowers would be bloomed at this time and Kerry coincidentally wore the most perfect yellow dress that matched the flora so well!

That’s the thing about Southern California- you cannot ever predict any type of blooms. Every year the weather is so different here and we do not get many wildflowers to choose from in general. I often have clients request flowers and unfortunately it is not something that can always be done. I suppose that is part of what makes it so special when you do finally find a bloom! When you do not expect it and walk right into it, it is like finding gold- in the eyes of a photographer at least!

The colorful plant life was such a treat during this session and we were also graced with the most beautiful, cotton candy sunset! I of course had so shoot into blue hour to capture all those colors in the sky.

Kerry and Ariana were so sweet to work with during their Lake Cuyamaca session. They really trusted me and let me get creative and I am always so grateful when couples let me take the reins! I cannot wait to watch these beauties tie the knot next year!