Downtown San Diego Couples Session | Lisandra + Jason

Couple cuddling and eating candy on a rooftop at their Downtown San Diego couples session.

Skyscrapers, roses and heart shaped sunglasses: just a few of the fun things included in this stunning Valentines day themed Downtown San Diego couples session! 

We met on top of a parking garage that has one of the best views in all of Downtown San Diego and ran around eating holiday themed candy and laughing until our bellies ached. 

The sun cascades perfectly through the buildings and creates the softest, hazy light for shooting, which is every photographer’s dream! No matter which direction you turn on this rooftop, you are surrounded by tall buildings and twinkly lights that give you that nostalgic, everything-is-possible-in-the-big-city type of feeling.

Lisandra threw on some red lipstick and heart shaped sunglasses, Jason grabbed her hand and together we made some magic. They tosses around rose petals, fed each other heart shaped lollipops and shared conversation candies- a true Valentines day staple that can’t be forgotten.

They let me get creative by using some fun prisms and breaking out my flash after the sunset and I can’t get enough of how the photos turned out! It’s so important for an artist to step back from the typical couples session and try something new every now and again. A holiday theme and cute props were the perfect pair for a surge of creativity!

Lisandra and Jason have so much chemistry and it’s obvious how much love they have for each other in these photos. They can truly make each other laugh and the way Jason looks at her is straight out of a romance novel! 

What better way to commemorate Valentines day than with a totally in love couple who can’t keep their eyes (and hands) off each other?! I mean, who doesn’t love love?!

I would love to do another Downtown San Diego couples session so if you’re interested, please reach out!

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