Cleveland National Forest Couples Session | Madilyne + Tristin

Couple cuddling in the grass at their Cleveland National Forest Couples Session in San Diego

This Cleveland National Forest couples session with Madilyne and Tristin was such a fun evening! You would never guess that this lush green forest and tall grass is just an hour East of San Diego and its beautiful beaches. I love living in San Diego because we have such diverse environments in such a close proximity to each other and I think so many native San Diegans take that for granted!

If you’d like to schedule a Cleveland National Forest couples session, don’t hesitate to reach out to me! I can show you all my secret spots! 🙂

Maddie and Tristin met up with me in the mountains and we walked around a few different trails, exploring the trails and admiring the flowers. This was my first shoot in two months since the COVID-19 lockdown took place and it felt SO GOOD to be creative again. It truly reminded me why I love photography so much, and the biggest reason is human connection. Seeing two people so happy together really just feeds my soul. I love being able to give people photos as tangible memories that they can hold on to forever and remember a specific time in their lives.

I hope that Maddie and Tristin look back on these photos in 10, 20, 30 years and remember how young and happy they were during that one evening in the mountains of Southern California.

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